ITS-Taiwan Intelligent Transport Applications --- 2016 Awards

AWARD for Excellent Products from Taiwan Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance

About Us

MaxWin Technology founded in 2004 is leading Solutions provider for Intelligent Transport systems, especially in APTS (Advanced Public Transports System).
With long-term R&D investments for products & system integrations, the cost best effectiveness with high performance of solutions & systems are our first priority goals to service our customers in public & private sectors as long-term base. Since more than 14 years experience in ITS, we have built up following product profiles: -Advanced Driving Assistances Systems ( ADAS) with precise position mechanism for Buses & Trucks
  • OBU & RSU for connected driving
  • Intelligent E-Bus-Stops & management
  • Barrier Free Bus-Waiting system & management
  • Wireless router for open air Internet services
  • Intelligent Production Management, and
  • Intelligent Logistic services management.

Main Products & Services

  • LED display for bus arrival & departure time schedule
  • Multi Media LCD platform
  • Multi Media LCD for indoor entertainment/info system
  • Entertainment & Information services system with Touch panel
  • 3D Multi Media information system
  • Dynamic Bus Arrival & Departure information system
  • On-Line Safety Management operation system for Tour Buses or Logistic Trucks
  • Scheduling & Dispatching management System for Taxi
  • On-line Safety Management system for Dangerous goods Transporting
  • on-line Management system for Goods transporting
  • management system for personnel bus transporting
  • Eco-Driving coach system
  • Optimization of Scheduling & Dispatching for Fleeting management
  • Track & Trace on-board recorder
  • station names announcement equipment
  • 4G Wi-Fi Router
  • Driving Video Record
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Information-Gathering system for MES ( Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Scheduling & Dispatching Management system
  • Kilo-meters Subsidy management system